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Commercial Security Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is an excellent tool that helps you more efficiently manage your business. Whether a single retail location or a campus-wide system, video greatly helps not only deter theft but lower worker's compensation claims. It also acts as an excellent management tool through the use of video analytics such as facial or license plate recognition and object left behind.


We Install and Service:

  • Analog & Digital Systems
  • Cameras & Domes
  • DVR's, NVR's & Encoders
  • Video Analytics
  • Network & Stand alone Systems
  • Mobile Systems

  We offer a full line of video analytics products and capabilities    
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Facial Surveillance

  License Plate Recognition   Advanced Object/ Motion Analytics    

Facial surveillance solution enables monitoring staff and investigators to quickly scan and isolate video events. Capture, index and catalog facial images. Track suspects using face similarity search. Build, manage and share watch lists of faces. Receive notifications when the system recognizes watch list individuals.


License plate recognition and tracking capabilities for security implementations. In addition to support for traditional LPR applications, our systems unique capabilities in the areas of license plate search and the recognition of unclear or partial license plates.


Object analytics offer valuable tools for sifting through volumes of surveillance video. What could otherwise take countless hours to find can be found in seconds using these advanced analytics.

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Third Party Analytics


Counting analytic, business and security staff can easily monitor and analyze foot and vehicle traffic patterns and occupancy rates. The counting analytic and integrated reporting feature can unveil store performance and client behavior, enabling managers to make sound decisions related to security, operations, marketing, and inventory.

  • Traffic Control Systems

Built on industry standard operating systems with open APIs, integration of third party analytics like tripwire, abandoned or removed object and more is quick and simple. Our partnerships with industry leading analytics providers provide customers with choice and flexibility for advanced video analytics. Integration with virtually any analytic can be completed.



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