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Commercial Perimeter Security Gates and Parking Control Equipment

Whether you are trying to secure a single site or multiple locations across the country, Global has the solution you are looking for. In many situations implementation of traffic control creates a safer more secure environment. Whether your needs are a simple barrier arm for minimum security and traffic flow control or a Government rated Plate Barrier or Drop Arm Barrier for High security and high risk situations Global has the security solution.

Our Experienced team has worked with many manufacturers to streamline systems and make products more suited to the customers needs. We offer a wide variety of parking control and perimeter security equipment to better suit the needs of the customer. The varieties of products we offer make it easier to buildand customize the solution that best fits your security needs


  The following specialty items we use to help secure your world.    
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Plate Barriers

  Crash Beams   Tiger Teeth    

These barriers are available in a range of models that offer superior protection whether you are a facility attempting to prevent vehicle loss or a facility wanting to prevent access to your restricted areas. Our products are available in non rated versions all the way up to K-12 ratings. It is all based on what your needs require.


This equipment is very popular in areas where ground clearance and harsh weather conditions complicate the install and operation of surface mounted equipment. Like the plate barriers this type of equipment is also available up to a K-12 rating.


Tiger teeth are still one the most visibly intimidating traffic control solutions on the market today. They are a tried and true method for preventing the unauthorized entry or exit on your property. They are available in surface and flush mount configurations and are sold in automatic or motorized versions.

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Barrier Arms


Collapsible Bollards

  Slide Gates    

Barrier arms are a low security solution for traffic flow control, parking management, and as a compliment to a higher security system such as tiger teeth or plate barriers for higher visibility. Most often they are used in a parking revenue applications, Toll roads, event parking, and general flow control of a location.

  • Traffic Control Systems

There are many situations where a bollard is an ideal way to secure an area what if you don’t need it to be permanent? A collapsible bollard is an ideal solution for you. Collapsible bollards can be used at entry/exit points as a very effective vehicle barrier system. They are available in government rated versions as well as lighter duty models.

  Slide gates offer a way to secure most areas. You may want a more industrial version for a plant type application or you may want a more decorative ornamental version to compliment an existing fence on your property. Slide gate operators come in a variety of speeds, strengths, and ratings to fill your needs.    
  Guardrail and Misc.        
  We at Global understand you may have to add fixed barricade to complete your perimeter security project. We offer a full range of products to do just that. Whether it is a bollard to protect equipment or a concrete barrier to designate a lane we have what you need. Guardrail is often the first choice for securing a perimeter and protecting property easily damaged by vehicles.            


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